2021 is Almost Over, and We’re Excited for 2022!


If 2020 felt like a freefall or drop tower ride, then 2021 was most certainly a classical roller coaster of a year. The highs and lows, of course, all stemmed from COVID-19 and the race for vaccines and treatment. Not one person has been unaffected by the pandemic, and the team at HighPoint Law Offices is no exception. 

Having opened in 2000, our firm has stood the test of time. By no means, however, is our team resting on its laurels. We’ve continued to innovate and stay on top of every policy discussion that affects your estate plan. Though Washington, D.C. has seen a new administration in the White House and Senate, very little has changed in the tax arena. 

Going Virtual—Here to Stay?

Probate proceedings became virtual last year, which turned out to be a great advantage to our clients serving as Executors. They didn’t have to drive to the courthouse to be sworn in as Executor. We’re hopeful that this change will be permanent, or at least an option. 

Covid also affected our estate planning process for the better! We now include a Zoom document review session before a client comes to our office to sign the Will, Power of Attorney, Trust, and whatever legal documents are included in their plan. These virtual meetings still have that personal touch you’ve come to appreciate and expect from HighPoint Law Offices, but clients feel more at ease about signing their documents now that they have a chance ahead of time to review them and make changes or corrections. 

As pandemic restrictions ease and people become more comfortable with in-person meetings, we will continue to meet our clients however they like. Having more options, though, is never a bad thing!

Renew Your ACE Client Care™ Membership!

This is the time of year to remember the benefits you get from our firm’s ACE Client Care™ program. This  service gives you: 

  • Access to us (a phone call, email exchange, or in-person meeting) which case will be at no charge (unless it’s really involved);
  • Control of your plan, keeping it on track year by year as you review it with us, and control of costs because of the benefits that come with ACE membership, such as discounted rates on other legal services; and 
  • Enhancement of your plan as we create, or learn about, new ways to make your plan and your planning experience better.
  • Get not included in the program. 

If you are an ACE Client Care™ member, you should have already received your invoice. If not, please contact us to get your account up-to-date! Payments are due Jan. 31, 2022.

Our Firm is Growing!

We’re excited to announce that Steve Long, our former intern, is going to be clerking with HighPoint Law Office indefinitely. Steve is a student at Rutger Law School and has been an intern with our firm for over a year now. Thank you, Steve, for everything you do!

As we leave 2021 behind, consider reflecting on the things that went right for you and your family this year. HighPoint Law Offices looks forward to providing the same high-quality estate planning services for Pennsylvanians in 2022 and beyond. Contact us today for more information on taking charge of your future.

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