Why ACE Client Care™ Makes Your Estate Plan More Valuable

A Very Happy New Year to our blog readers! Everything in our lives needs maintenance. For your car, you wouldn’t skip an oil change or a tire rotation, and your estate plan isn’t any different. Our ACE Client Care™ program, a unique benefit not available in most estate planning firms, makes it easy to keep your estate plan up to date, ensuring it stays relevant as circumstances change. Whether it’s being informed Read More

How to Protect Your Estate Plan from Challenges

One of the main reasons that you want to have an estate plan in place is to ensure that your final wishes are carried out properly when the time comes. While in most cases, your friends and family members will want to make sure that they do what you desired with your estate, that is not always the case. If someone feels that your estate plan was unfair or unjust for some reason, they can challenge it in Read More

Tips to Deal With Inflation

As of the writing of this blog post, inflation rates are over 8% per year, on average. The following tips will help you to effectively protect your estate from inflation so it will be there for you when you need it, and for your loved ones when you are gone. Consider a “Self-Directed” IRA Your retirement plan is not limited to investments in mutual funds or the stock market. We’ve helped many clients use their IRA Read More

Providing for Your Pet With a Trust

We all want the best for our furry friends, and the best way to ensure that they’ll be well taken care of is with a pet trust. Believe it or not, you can set up a trust specifically to provide for your pets - and you’ll likely be surprised how much you’re able to specify for the care of your favorite animals. And “pets” includes more than dogs or cats: they can be birds fish, horses, almost anything else. How Does a Read More

ACE Client Care™ Is Here to Keep Your Estate Planning On Track and Relevant!

ACE Client Care is a unique benefit for our clients - and to the best of our knowledge, no other estate firm in the area has anything like it. Just as your financial plan needs to be adjusted from time to time, your estate plan will needs to stay on course as well.  When your airline flies you somewhere, your pilots, every so often, reach a certain spot on the map called a “waypoint.” Their flight plan indicates the Read More

Planning to Protect From Medicaid Asset Recovery

Every month, more and more Americans enroll in the Medicaid program to pay for their long-term care costs. While this program can help provide important access to healthcare, those considering signing up should be aware of a serious risk that comes with it - Medicaid Asset Recovery. With the right planning, however, you can eliminate the risk of Medicaid asset recovery causing an issue for your loved ones. What is Read More

Don’t Go On Vacation Without an Updated Estate Plan!

Keeping your estate plan up-to-date is always crucial, and even more so when you’re on vacation. We know it’s likely one of the last things you want to do before hitting the beach, but updating your estate plan before your vacation could save you a lot of trouble. Even a simple issue can cause big problems when you're away from home. Losing a credit card, for example, could easily be handled back at home by a loved Read More

Power of Attorney for Your College Child

Heading off to college is a big moment for almost every young adult, and brings with it a whole new breadth of freedom and independence. Understandably, a lot of parents are concerned for the well-being of their children who are on their own, potentially for the first time in their lives. Power of attorney documents can provide the best of both worlds by providing young adults the freedom they want, while also Read More

Estate Planning With Special Needs Children

While privacy laws give parents access to their minor child’s medical information, they create a problem for those raising children who will need assistance past the age of 18. Although an eighteen-year-old is presumed to be able to make their own decisions, this isn’t true for children with challenges that prevent them from understanding their options, or communicating what they want. To avoid losing the ability to Read More

Can You Have Too Much Money in Your Retirement Accounts?

You might be thinking: What do you mean, too much money in my account? How is that possible? You were likely told to save as much money as possible with your IRA and maximize 401(k) contributions, which is very common advice. If you followed that advice, however, you may end up with too much money accumulated in these accounts.  What’s the Problem? When you’ve finally achieved retirement, and are ready to begin Read More