IRAs & Incorporating Retirement Plans with Estate Planning

Those seeking retirement and estate planning at the same time may have come across IRAs at some point in their research. Self-directed Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) offer a unique avenue for individuals to exercise greater control over their investments. These financial tools allow individuals to diversify their retirement portfolios, often beyond the traditional stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, to include a Read More

Business Succession Planning: Preparing for the Future

Building a business is filled with challenges, triumphs, and countless decisions. Yet, as the horizon of your entrepreneurial voyage draws near, one paramount decision stands out: how to transition out of your enterprise gracefully and effectively.  With the stakes higher than ever, ensuring the longevity of your business legacy is critical. A tailored approach can safeguard your business's future and uphold your Read More

What’s the Most Important Thing About Your Estate Plan?

It’s common sense, really - the only thing that matters about your estate plan is this: Will it work when it’s needed? That’s true of your Power of Attorney, your Will, and (if you have one) your Trust. You may be thinking, “Of course it’s going to work - I paid an attorney to set it up for me.” OK, but how long ago was that? Here’s what happens sometimes at the bank or financial company - your helper needs to pay Read More

The Best Way to Ensure Care For Your Special Needs Child

People with special needs are often capable of living independently, developing their careers, and starting a family. However, for those with significant needs, families need to take measures to ensure that they live long and fulfilling lives. Whether they’re children or adults, it’s important to work with an estate planning attorney who empathizes with your family’s circumstances to develop a legal framework to Read More

Use Estate Planning to Preserve Your Money During Uncertain Economic Times

There is a constant ebb and flow of economic prosperity, and it’s not always easy to predict where and when the next “crisis” may come up. People are naturally anxious when our future is uncertain, but there are strategies that you can use to protect and preserve your hard-earned assets. Estate planning has the tools you need to gain the stability and peace of mind you deserve.  Assess the Economic Climate to Update Read More

Are You Ready to Join the 5-Year Club?

Creating a comprehensive estate plan that protects your assets, enables long-term care, and stands the test of time is one of the most important things a person can do in their lifetime. Proactive planning can save you money and safeguard your legacy, especially in the event of a long-term care crisis. There are many strategic measures that can be taken to improve the financial security of your retirement so that Read More

Your Child May Be an Adult, But They Still Need You

For many people, estate planning may seem like a daunting task, or something that’s reserved for older, more established people. However, everyone could benefit from an estate plan and should have one in place. This is especially true for young adults like college students. Students are just starting out on their adult lives, and usually don’t have a lot of assets, but there is more to life than just assets. It’s Read More

Mental Health and Incapacity

Having mental health issues does not automatically mean the person is disabled. What’s more, there are many types of disability. A common example is when we are asked to do planning (such as updating their Will or Power of Attorney) for a someone who appears to have limitations. We use a set of standard questions and observations to determine capacity, and of course a letter from their doctor carries a great deal of Read More

Estate Planning Tools For Your Special-Needs Family Members

April is World Autism Acceptance Month, and also happens to be tax month. There is no better time to take a look at how you can utilize estate planning to maximize the inheritance for your beneficiaries while minimizing tax liability. There are many estate planning tools available to provide necessary assistance for special-needs family members, who may or may not be able to work or live alone. This article will Read More

The “Nest Egg” Trust: Is It Right For You?

As a firm that works diligently to provide the best possible options for estate and elder-care planning, we often get a lot of familiar questions. Although each individual and family has a unique way to get there, each family desires the same thing: financial security and an estate plan that benefits and protects the people who matter most. Our firm has developed some amazing proprietary methods to make sure that you Read More