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ACE Client Care™ Membership Program

When our clients asked us to develop an affordable way to keep their estate plans up-to-date over time, we listened!  Changes in family circumstances, changes in the law, or even changes in one's personal outlook can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of an estate plan.  That's why we developed the ACE Client Care™ Membership Program.  This unique program protects your legacy, and the integrity of your legal documents, by offering Access, Control and Continuous Enhancement to the life planning process.  ACE Client Care™ keeps your plan up to date and worry-free with loads of client-friendly privileges, including:

ACCESS - Enjoy worry-free access to your counselors and important documents knowing there's:

  • No additional charge for those “quick questions” related to your estate plan
  • A friendly staff member – not a machine - answering your phone calls during regular business hours
  • DocuBank™ - A safe, secure online legal vault to safeguard your plan.  Membership in DocuBank™ gives you secure access to your important legal documents 24 hours/day, 7 days/week, 365 days/year no matter where you are -- even at the hospital.  

CONTROLYOU stay in control of your plan and your finances with: 

  • Regular Estate Planning check-ups.   Even the best plans can grow stale, like a loaf of bread.  ACE membership ensures that your plan stays fresh and healthy; always working the way YOU want it to work.
  • No additional charge for routine “word processing” changes to your documents
  • Substantial savings on estate settlement fees.  Our estate settlement fees are capped at a rate which is substantially less (often up to 50% less) than most law firms!  
  • Preferred rates for new legal work not already covered under the ACE Client Care™ program. 
  • Discounts for family members.  Be the hero…make it easy for your kids to plan too!


  • Exclusive, educational, members-only workshops keep you current with new opportunities.
  • The Annual (Group) Client Meeting offers additional opportunity for educational enrichment and fellowship.
  • ACE offers so much more than mere legal word processing – after all, this is your life, your legacy.  Feel the confidence and warmth that comes along with Priceless Conversations, The Family Storybook, Trust Article Guides, Your Voice, and much, much more.

HLO’s ACE Client Care™ Membership Program is a testament to our commitment to enriching the client experience.  Perhaps that’s why Lead Attorney Peter Gilbert was voted the Best Attorney in Bucks and Montgomery Counties for two years running.  Come find out more about the privileges of becoming an ACE Advantage™ Member by contacting our office at 215-997-9773.

"We've been ACE clients for over 21 years, and it's been a tremendous experience for the both of us!" JH&BH

"I feel very secure knowing that I can call anytime." Emily B.

"Peter is a very warm and caring person.  Staff is good.  Loren especially."  Addie & Bob

"We feel very confident that our affairs are in order." Glenn & Maryanne

"HLO is very informative, and I feel comfortable with their decisions regarding my assets."  PR

"I love the security and peace of mind!"  JR

ACE Advantage Family Fun Night 2015
Family Fun Night at Coca Cola Park, Allentown, PA

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