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October 27, 2016: “Focus On Business—Your Own and Your Client’s”

Guest speakers, Richard J. DiPasquale, President and CEO, James H. Scott, Jr., Vice President of TruNorth Financial Strategists, Inc. and Bill HughesCertified Wealth Consultant and Principal of wlhughes.net.

  • Richard J. DiPasquale

  • James H. Scott, Jr.

  • Bill Hughes







Planning Considerations for the Closely-Held Business Owner 
Presented by Richard J. DiPasquale and James H. Scott 

This presentation uses life stories of different businesses to "Educate to Motivate."  These real life case studies enable clients to understand the dangers of having no plan or a incomplete plan, while giving them the confidence and understanding they need to decide what's best for them.  It's likely that many your business owner clients could benefit from this approach.

The One Page Business Plan
 Presented by Bill Hughes 

 This highly interactive session will look at the power and simplicity of The One Page Business Plan® process. program is for you as well as for your business owner clients! The One Page Business Plan is a blueprint designed to strengthen leaders, their teams and their results. Discover how to blow out stale, shallow thinking and replace it with fresh, innovative plans owned by motivated teams, managers and executives. Also, learn the 5 simple techniques to assure plans create focus, energy and results throughout the year!


September  15, 2016: Build Stronger Relationships With Your High Net Worth Clients”

Guest speakers, David Warren, President and CEO of Bridgeford Trust Company, and Rick Millham, President of Millham Insurance.

  • David Warren, JD

  • Rick Millham, Jr. CIC



What Your Clients May Be Losing By Having Their Trusts in Pennsylvania
Presented by David Warren

Discover the importance of leveraging the “home” for your clients’ trusts. Your awareness of the tax and asset protection advantages of modern trust laws will set you apart from other advisors and enable you to deliver more value to the families you work with. Join us to learn how smart trust decisions will help deliver more control to creators of trusts and their beneficiaries than ever before, without having to give up your role as accountant or financial advisor.

Important Trends in Business Insurance, and Best Insurance Practices with your Business Clients
Presented by Rick Millham

Hear an overview of the business insurance marketplace, terms and trends of workers compensation, including benefits, loss costs, and experience modifications. Attendees will also gain an understanding of the pros and cons of specialty programs and affiliation programs, and the best practices for customers to manage their insurance programs. Be sure to attend this program so you can help your clients make the best insurance decisions. 


June 16, 2016: “Repurpose Your Expertise to Add Value For Your Clients”

Guest speakers, Dr. John Guerin, Psychologist and Certified Financial Consultant, and Andrew Pitcairn, Pitcairn Family Council Chair

  • John J. Guerin, Ph. D.

  • Andrew Pitcairn



Family Governance Through a Family Council: A Conversational Introduction
Presented by Dr. John Guerin and Mr. Andrew Pitcairn

Attendees will learn the purposes and function of a Family Council, how it enhances the family’s stability and its ability to deal with future events, and how successful ongoing family relationships are the key to the family’s financial success. Attendees will also come away with an understanding of the financial advisor’s role with a Family Council, and what types of client families will most benefit from having a Family Council.

Are You a Financial/Tax Advisor or a Counselor to Your Business Clients?
Presented by Peter J. Gilbert

Attendees will learn how to re-purpose the value they bring to business owners and family-owned businesses, by aligning their professional services more closely with the owner’s goals of increasing the value of the business and of helping the owner transition from hands-on participation in many or all business functions, to a leadership role supported by a well-trained team. Attendees will learn new areas in which to apply their financial and planning skills, in collaboration with other professionals from different disciplines.


May 19, 2016: Turning Risk Into Opportunity: Recognizing the Risks Facing Your Clients and the Opportunities they Provide for You”


Guest Speaker Don Graves, Reverse Mortgage & Retirement Income Specialist, RICP®, CRMS®



Financial Opportunities for Financial Advisors and their Clients: An Educated Consumers Guide to Reverse Mortgages, Presented by Don Graves
In the last 4 years, there has been a major shift in the "retirement income planning" landscape. And one tool has emerged that's dramatically changing people's lives for the better. It's called Housing Wealth, more commonly known as the Reverse Mortgage. Learn what's new in retirement income planning and how practical use of the housing asset can dramatically improve retirement outcomes for your clients. Understanding the how's and why's of Housing Wealth is a basic survival skill for today's retiree. So put aside your skepticism about reverse mortgages--I guarantee you'll be surprised at the situations where reverse mortgages can help your clients and your business! 

Asset Protection UpdatePresented by Peter J. Gilbert, Esq.
Everyone uses some kind of asset protection, and we professionals have to know when there are "sharks in the water." Please do not think this is only for the ultra-affluent! Several of these cases affect "garden-variety" protection, very common in estate planning, so your clients need and deserve help to keep their plans on track. But that help has to come from knowledgeable professionals, who know where the sharks are. This workshop will provide you with the tools to be step ahead of the risks facing your clients. 


October 21, 2015: The Asset Protection Ladder, Part 2: How to help your clients keep more for their businesses and families, Presented by Peter J. Gilbert, Esq. and Mark Manta, Esq.

This seminar will discuss strategies that give your clients more than just one benefit – for example, asset protection PLUS income tax reduction, or asset protection PLUS inheritance tax reduction, or sometimes, all three in one package! We’ll also review Generational trusts, that enable a family to pay state inheritance tax only once, but never again as the   assets go down the family line.  You’ll also learn how to get your client all the benefits of “ultimate offshore asset protection” without the costs, paperwork, and complexities of actually going offshore.

September 30, 2015: The Asset Protection Ladder, Part I, Presented by Peter J. Gilbert, Esq.

Part 1 of our familiarization course on Asset Protection will familiarize you with the “Ladder of Asset Protection” so that you can introduce the idea to clients. This seminar will cover:  Asset Protection your clients already have, why Asset Protection doesn’t have to mean giving up control, how and why Asset Protection works, in the real world, how Asset Protection can pay for itself by saving taxes for your clients, and how to get the benefits of offshore asset protection without the complications and expenses of doing it now

June 25, 2015: Who Should be the Beneficiary of Your Clients’ IRAs?, Presented by Peter J. Gilbert, Esq.

Our annual review of proven IRA strategies will help you become even more valuable to your clients, and to demonstrate why you need to be advisor to the whole family. This seminar will cover:  protecting the family’s most valuable asset Techniques for going beyond the life tables to maximize the stretch, The Abundance Fund™ and how it works, why parents should consider not leaving their IRAs to their children, and what to do with IRAs when a client needs Long-Term Care. 

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