Tax Planning & Asset Protection

Keeping Your Legacy Intact

Estate planning isn’t just about “who gets what when I’m dead.” We help our clients reduce risks, whether it’s protecting the next generation’s inheritance from lawsuits, divorce, or bad decisions. Our tax planning and asset protection strategies help ensure that you have the resources you need for a comfortable retirement and that your family benefits as much as possible from your hard work after you’re gone.

Estate Tax Planning

While a basic Will transfers your assets to your loved ones, it is important to also implement strategies that prevent your estate from being reduced by taxes. Federal estate tax laws (which can and may change) currently let you exempt a certain amount, individually or as part of a married couple, but you can increase the value of your exemption by:

  • Utilizing the unused portion of your spouse’s estate tax exemption if they precede you in death.
  • Setting up a credit shelter trust to preserve a deceased person’s death tax credit.

Successful families could still be subject to taxes even after you take advantage of available exemptions. The estate planning team at HighPoint Law Offices will help you reduce or eliminate your estate tax burden by using proven, accepted strategies.  

Asset Protection

Every year, millions of lawsuits are filed across the United States. Many are frivolous or settled for amounts that exceed one’s actual liability. If you own a business or are a licensed professional, your assets could be at risk due to personal injury or professional malpractice claims. A disgruntled former business partner could even try to “clean you out.”

While you may have insurance against such threats, it does not always provide adequate protection. HighPoint Law Offices will help you protect your wealth by recommending and implementing special trusts, business entities, and other legal arrangements. The strategies we use will vary depending on your situation, but the ultimate goal is to protect your assets in an effective yet legal and ethical manner.

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Tax planning and asset protection strategies are inherently complex but an experienced estate planning attorney can help you establish a plan that lets you pass on as much of your hard-earned assets as possible to your loved ones and beneficiaries. To schedule a consultation with Attorney Peter Gilbert, contact HighPoint Law Offices today.