What is Our Unique ACE Client Care™ Program and What Is It For?

Would you agree that one thing we know about the future is that some things will change? New family members, new tax laws, investment changes, our health getting better or worse, just to name a few. And of course, our homes and our automobiles need regular maintenance.

When a pilot plans a flight, he makes sure to note the “waypoints,” which are exact locations where the aircraft should be at specific times. However, winds, weather conditions, and engine performance can put the aircraft off course. At each waypoint, the pilot may need to make slight adjustments to get back on course. For estate planning, being “on course” means your plan will work the way you wanted, and your “waypoints” are handled by ACE Client Care.

How will you know if there’s been a relevant change in the law? For example, we made sure our ACE members got document updates when Pennsylvania made major changes in the Power of Attorney laws in 2015. Our ACE program is also designed to handle such things as:

  • You have a question about your documents
  • You want to have a family meeting
  • You need to make changes to your estate plan
  • You want our advice on changes in tax laws that affect your situation

As an ACE Client Care member, you can speak or meet with us about such things, usually without getting a bill. It’s much more efficient than finding a new attorney every time you need a modification to your plan, since we already know about your situation. The difference ACE Client Care makes is that you will either not be charged for these conversations, or, if document changes are needed, the legal fee will be discounted (ACE members are not billed for periodic Power of Attorney updates). This unique program is designed to help you keep your estate plan updated efficiently and effortlessly. 

Why Enroll in ACE Client Care™?

Let’s say you pull out your Estate Planning Portfolio™ (the “Big Red Book”) once a year. Each time, you’ll get more familiar with your plan, which can lead to new questions and perhaps new ideas. Your Asset Spreadsheet will of course need updating. Maybe this year you want to get the family together to meet with us and review the plan. Whether it’s about a question, a new idea you want to run by us, a family meeting, new assets, or new tax laws, your ACE Client Care membership streamlines the process.

Although the COVID-19 outbreak has put our usual in-person events (such as our annual client diner meetings) on pause, they will be resumed, and in the meantime, we’re using other means to keep in touch and deliver valuable information.

Benefits of ACE Client Care™

Here’s a more complete list of the benefits our ACE Client Care families enjoy: 

  • A secure client portal that contains all estate planning documents. At your convenience, you may access your portal and download the forms. 
  • Regular check-ups for your estate plan and related documents. 
  • Exclusive workshops on relevant estate planning topics. 
  • Preferred rates for legal services not covered under the program.
  • Discounted rates for family members.
  • Discounted rates on estate settlement services.

Find Out More About ACE Client Care™ Today!

Above all else, HighPoint Law Office’s unique ACE Client Care™ program provides our clients with peace of mind. That’s the ultimate goal of estate planning: getting clients to a place where they feel secure about their estate plan.

We would love the opportunity to speak with you about optimizing (or creating) your estate plan today. Call us at (215) 997-9773 or fill out a form on our website.

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