What’s the Most Important Thing About Your Estate Plan?

It’s common sense, really – the only thing that matters about your estate plan is this: Will it work when it’s needed? That’s true of your Power of Attorney, your Will, and (if you have one) your Trust. You may be thinking, “Of course it’s going to work – I paid an attorney to set it up for me.” OK, but how long ago was that? Here’s what happens sometimes at the bank or financial company – your helper needs to pay bills or follow the recommendations of your investment advisor, but they refuse to accept your Power of Attorney! Why would they do that? Because it’s gotten too old! They want to be sure that there isn’t a newer Power of Attorney you signed, one that names someone else for that position. 

We realize that you don;t want to spend the time or energy ensuring that your plan keeps up with all of these changing laws and circumstances. That’s why you can meet with us to find out if any of these developments affect your personal plan. ACE members can, at no cost, come in every five or so years and update their Powers of Attorney, thereby making sure that it will work if it’s ever needed.This program is an important benefit, as it ensures that all your plan documents will be up to date and ready when you and your family need them the most.

ACE Membership Helps Keep Your Plan Up-To-Date

Unless you closely follow state and federal legislative and court case developments, you won’t know when a new law or judicial decision will affect your plan, but we will. Whether from the IRS, the state or the federal government, we’re always on the lookout for such revisions. ACE members will be the first to know about such changes, and how (if needed) your plan can be adjusted.

When rules and laws change, we look not only for solutions to the change, but also for the opportunities it creates. This is always the sequence of events – new rules lead to new strategies, and as an ACE member, it won’t cost you anything to have us examine how you can best deal with the change.  

Taking Charge of Your Legacy

Tax and estate laws aren’t the only changes that affect your plan.Your ACE Client Care membership keeps your Trust or Will up to date with your evolving family situation and financial situation. ACE members can make simple changes, such as adding or removing beneficiaries, or changing helpers, at no extra cost. 

One of the most valuable benefits for ACE members is updating your Asset Spreadsheet from time to time – if you’ve added new accounts, or closed other accounts, all you need to do is check in with us and we’ll help with changes in ownership or beneficiaries. But just having an up-to-date, accurate and complete spreadsheet of your accounts is itself extremely valuable. Not only is this crucial information if you fall ill or have passed, but it may suggest opportunities for tax saving strategies. 

Access to Your Documents

All ACE clients are given a personalized link to their online Client Portal. There you’ll find copies of all your legal documents that we prepared, such as your Medical Power of Attorney, and Financial Power of Attorney. You’re free to download any or all of these documents from your Portal. In an emergency, all you need is an internet connection, no matter where you are. 

You can upload other documents to your Portal, where they will be safely stored as long as you remain a member of ACE Client Care..  

More Benefits for ACE Members

Although COVID forced a pause, we’re returning to our practice of educational events for ACE members.  Some of these programs will be led by one or more of our attorneys, but we’ve also invited a broad range of speakers for these programs. 

If you have questions about ACE Client Care™ or want to create a plan tailored to what matters to you most, contact the Highpoint Law Offices at 215-997-9773. Why not take control of your future now?. Your legacy deserves nothing less!

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