Why ACE Client Care™ Makes Your Estate Plan More Valuable

A Very Happy New Year to our blog readers!

Everything in our lives needs maintenance. For your car, you wouldn’t skip an oil change or a tire rotation, and your estate plan isn’t any different. Our ACE Client Care™ program, a unique benefit not available in most estate planning firms, makes it easy to keep your estate plan up to date, ensuring it stays relevant as circumstances change. Whether it’s being informed about a change in the law or new opportunities, or simply keeping your plan updated, the easier it is to access us the more likely your plan will stay relevant. 

Our cars and our home need regular maintenance so they keep their value and work as expected. No doubt you periodically review your investments and your retirement plan. We schedule regular checkups with our doctor and our dentist. We designed the ACE Client Care program to make it easy and cost-effective to keep your estate plan up to date, to ask questions, or have a conversation with us. Let’s review the key benefits enjoyed by the many members of ACE Client Care.


People often hesitate to call their attorney because they know from experience that “the meter will be running” and they’ll get a bill for the time the call lasted. ACE Client Care frees you from that dilemma, because your membership gives you access to us, whether an attorney or a team member, depending on the nature of your question or your request. It could be a phone call, a meeting on Zoom, or a meeting in our office: you still won’t be charged for typical questions, requests, or explanations of your documents. If it turns out to be a larger, billable project, we’ll let you know, and you’ll pay less because of your ACE discount on legal services. As a bonus, ACE members also have access to guest speakers and training events so that you and your family can feel prepared and knowledgeable about your estate plan. ACE members also get preferred rates for other legal services, and discounts for their family members.


Your ACE membership makes it easy to stay in control of your plan. Maybe you need to change the names on an account, or change beneficiaries, or move an asset into or out of a trust. We’ll update your Powers of Attorney every few years, to make sure they’ll work if needed. As you get more used to your plan, you may want to investigate and perhaps implement changes to make the plan work even better. Or, you may meet with us to review your plan, and walk away confident that everything is up to date and as it should be. 


We are constantly learning how to make estate plans better. As we learn about new options or valuable improvements to planning, we do our research, and if it shows real promise, we’ll integrate it into our plans or offer it as an upgrade to your plan. As laws change and as we constantly evaluate our clients’ experiences, the resulting enhancements will be either offered or automatically included for our ACE Client Care members, and after that to our general client base. If there is a cost involved, our ACE members will of course benefit from a discounted price.  

Life gives us unexpected challenges, but that doesn’t prevent you from being prepared. ACE Client Care takes the worry out of updating your estate and keeping it maintained, and controls the cost of doing so. For assistance in updating your plan, or if you want more information about the benefits of Ace Client Care™ for all of your estate planning needs, contact us today via our website to schedule your consultation.

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